It's a brand new day!

  • It's a day blossoming into possibilities - a day wide open to you, your business, and your brand. If you're looking for a brand new way to reach out to new or existing customers, consider how you position your business out there in the new market.
  • In whichever field you may find yourself, the strike-force of The Active Event Management Company will help you seize your day and expand the horizons of your business in brand new ways.
  • The Active Communications company was formed up by local team whose earned a significant experience in advertising expert, PR and event management, media, OOH, and strongly support by extensive media owner.
  • A comprise team of fully experiences of brand activation and event management, operational know-how and strategic understanding


  • To offer innovative brand communication to our value Clients.


  • To bring innovative event management to Cambodia.
  • To bring professional
  • To bring international standards brand communication to Cambodia
You may think that we are your third party supplier but, we will treat you as our strategic growth partners
  • Activate more brand visibility
  • Activate more demand for your product
  • Activate "push and pull" for Sale

Why you choose us?

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